Saturday, February 18


Here's a sneak peek of the shots I took last week for my diy/crafts magazine.

Saturday, February 4

gift shop goodies

Today was free admission day at the High Museum of Art, which meant a chance to finally check out the Picasso to Warhol exhibition. Here are a few things I picked up at the gift shop. The middle postcard is my favorite--a painting of the statue leaning over the lady's shoulder. So perfect!

Friday, January 27


Random snapshots from this past week-ish!

1. Me distracted by the pretty lighting in my room
2. Morgan + her puppets
3. Unplanned matching denim
4. An illustration for a project involving a magazine spread

Sunday, January 8


Here's a sketch from a while ago, I just got back from the break, so currently I'm on a scanning spree. More to come soon!

Friday, December 30

last christmas

Check out this handmade necklace I received from my sister Tien! Perfect for pairing with casual tees. Tien's got crafty hands--her last project included folding 1,000 cranes from candy wrappers. Recently she's been creating bouquets of paper roses. I'm always looking forward to what she'll be making next!